ACL Reconstruction Animation

Omaha ACL Reconstruction Animation by Dr. Darren Keiser MD

Omaha ACL Reconstruction Information

Omaha ACL Reconstruction Information by Dr. Darren Keiser MD

omaha ACL reconstructionThis procedure replaces a damaged or torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).  

The ACL connects the front top of the tibia (lower leg bone) to the rear bottom of the femur (thigh bone). The ACL stabilizes the femur on the tibia. An ACL deficient knee can cause feelings of instability, mistrust, or the knee “giving way.”

ACL tears can cause difficulty with sports, activities or jobs that require cutting or pivoting.  In general, the decision to reconstruct the ACL depends on the individual’s activity level, and the degree of functional disability.

Although this animation depicts the use of “the hamstrings” to reconstruct the ACL, there are several other graft options that can be selected to repair a torn ACL. These options include “bone-patella tendon-bone,” “the quadriceps tendon,” and “allograft tissue.”  Clinical outcomes are similar for all graft choices.  You and your surgeon will help you decide which graft choice is best for you.

About half of all injuries to the anterior cruciate ligament occur along with damage to other structures in the knee, such as articular cartilage, meniscus, or other ligaments.

Injured ligaments are considered “sprains” and are graded on a severity scale.

Grade 1 Sprains. The ligament is mildly damaged in a Grade 1 Sprain. It has been slightly stretched, but is still able to help keep the knee joint stable.

Grade 2 Sprains. A Grade 2 Sprain stretches the ligament to the point where it becomes loose. This is often referred to as a partial tear of the ligament.

Grade 3 Sprains. This type of sprain is most commonly referred to as a complete tear of the ligament. The ligament has been split into two pieces, and the knee joint is unstable.

Partial tears of the anterior cruciate ligament are rare; most ACL injuries are complete or near complete tears.

Areas for ACL Reconstruction Surgery:

Dr. Keiser has patients from many different areas in and around Nebraska.

Omaha, Beatrice, Bellevue, Columbus, Fremont, Grand Island, Hastings, Kearney, La Vista, Lexington, Lincoln, Norfolk, North Platte, Papillion, Scottsbluff, South Sioux City.

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